Spiced Horchata Candle




This scent is like drinking the sweet cinnamon sugar laced rice milk with your nose. If you’ve never had horchata before, imagine a rice pudding drink without the disgusting raisins. Yes, it really is that good………Now I’m thirsty.

Our candles:

  • Are hand poured in small batches in Star Valley, Wyoming.
  • Are made with a soy wax blend. It’s soy with just enough vegetable wax and food grade paraffin to give it a little bit of stiffness.
  • Scented with paraben & phthalate free premium fragrances.
  • Won’t leave wasted wax build up on the side of the jar……we hate wasted wax!
  • Have awesome scent throw……trust us, we use them in our old farm house and they work great!


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